Design for Entrepreneurs

good design

does more than just look good

although my designs always look really good

good design attracts the right person

You’re never going to attract your ideal person if you just picked fonts and colors because they were popular or your favorite.

Your brand has the ability to attract or repel someone within seconds of discovering you.

good design converts a curious on-looker

If you want branding or a website that converts, it needs to be designed in a way that gets someone to take action

(And no, that doesn’t mean just slapping a “call now” button at the top of every page)

good design closes the deal

Second-rate design does one thing: it makes an eager and interested person start to question. And good design does the opposite.

To sell at a premium price, you need a premium presence.

Hey, I'm Felter

the designer that non-designers love

My superpower is using design for entrepreneurs to attract and convert their ideal client.

After years of designing and educating, I know just how essential good design is to your bottom line.

I approach all projects with a no-shame, no-shade approach. My clients love how I nurture and guide them every step of the way, while also being honest and sensitive.

Your brand, your website, and your graphics are very personal to you and the business you’ve built. You deserve to be part of the creative decisions, instead of left to receive a final deliverable that you aren’t completely satisfied with.

if you're an established business

Get a premium design experience

that makes a big impact

Want to become the no-brainer “yes” your clients are looking for? A premium website and branding are critical pieces to accomplishing that.

Anyone can build a website or design a logo. My expertise is creating your branding and website to achieve your business’s goals, so you can spend less time and money spinning your wheels marketing.

if you're doing it yourself

I'll help you level-up your business

for a no-brainer price

Are you ready to get attention with your website, branding, and designs, but not ready to invest in someone else creating them for you?

You don’t have an endless marketing budget, so every eyeball is critical to convert. That’s where my courses for business owners and service providers come in. They’ll get you results – no design experience required!

What can good design do for your business?

with better branding

Attract the right people

Every font, color, and shape you use communicates something about your business.

You need intentional branding, so you can get the attention of the right people, stand out for your unique value, and seal the deal.

with a better website

Convert clients with ease

Your website is the face of your business. It should immediately impress clients and guide them on a journey that leads to you as the solution to their problem.

You need a website that does the selling for you and achieves your specific goals.

with better design

Actually drive action

You don’t need to be creative or artistic to create designs that get results.

You can design social graphics, presentations, PDFs, and more that get your ideal person to take action with some easy-to-learn design rules and repeatable frameworks.

Become a client magnet

“I was very impressed with Felter’s intentional approach to design. She knows how fonts and colors convey certain things and tailors that to what we convey about business, so our ideal client feels a connection to us.”

– David, criminal defense attorney

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