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16 neutral brand colors to try

So you only have 2 brand colors and you’re sick of all your designs looking the same. You would love to incorporate some neutral brand colors, but you don’t know where to start or what would look good.

I got you. Try these 16 neutral colors in your brand:

16 neutral brand colors to try

Try black and white

Black and white are the two easiest go-to neutral colors. You can use these if your brand is sleek, modern, or sophisticated.

two colors: white and black

Try light gray or medium gray

In the same family are light gray and medium gray. These can be used for a similarly clean and polished look. These would work well if your brand colors already have cool or gray tones in them.

two colors: light gray and dark gray

Try cream, taupe, or beige as neutral brand colors

If your brand has less gray and more brown, you can get the same effect as above by using cream, taupe, or beige. Creams work well with a high-end brand, but be careful to never use these colors for text on a white background.

three colors: cream, taupe, and beige

Try lighter or darker shades of your two brand colors

Take your current brand colors and experiment with lighter and darker shades. What pairs well together? What will give you more flexibility in your design? And most importantly, what do those color combinations communicate about your brand?

four colors: light yellow, medium yellow, light orange, and rust

Try navy or medium blue

Blue is one of the most professional colors, so if that fits your brand’s personality, try navy or medium blue.

two colors: navy and medium blue

Try non-neutral neutrals

Finally, you can take your current brand colors and use shades that aren’t really neutral at all, but would be considered neutral for your brand. Examples include a sage green, terracotta, or blush pink.

three colors: terracotta, sage, and blush pink

The most important piece of advice I can give

Every color communicates something, regardless what the words on the page say, so be sure you fully understand what your color choices are communicating.

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