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2 pieces of bad advice for service providers

If you’re a service provider, you’re always hearing advice… whether you want it or not. On Instagram, in your email, and on podcasts, people are always telling you how to best market, run, and grow your business. And if you take any bad advice for service providers, it can really lead you astray.

It’s me, hi, I’ve been led astray before 👋

The reality? There’s a lot of bad business advice out there, and I’m calling out some of the worst business advice I’ve ever heard.

2 bad pieces of business advice for service providers

1. You can’t scale a service-based business

This advice states that if you’re a service provider, you’re just trading time for dollars and it’s impossible to ever create an efficient business. The only way to actually work less is through passive income.

There’s some truth to this: If you’re charging by the hour, then you are trading time for dollars, and I wouldn’t recommend this strategy long-term, because you aren’t rewarded for efficiency.

But I have absolutely worked with service-based business owners who have scaled their businesses by charging for projects, creating an agency, or by having a monthly retainer model. If you can make this work for you business, it’s possible to scale and work less as a service provider.

(Spoiler alert: listen to Episode 5 of Skilled and Fulfilled to get my hot take on the “work less with passive income” conversation ?️)

2. To make six figures, just know your worth

Yes, knowing your worth is a super important part of owning a business. But this alone won’t make you six figures.

And while I don’t claim to have the secret sauce to making six figures, I’ve definitely figured out that it’s way harder than just knowing and charging your worth.

There’s strategy, flexibility, and pivoting when things aren’t working. There’s branding and design, of course. But the advice to just “charge your worth” and “hold yourself accountable”? Don’t be fooled.

Want my favorite business advice for service providers?

Listen to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 5. I discuss the worst business advice I’ve heard or been given (and my favorite advice instead). You’ll hear me share the advice that led me astray when I was starting out and what I learned from it, plus my favorite advice that’s worked for me.

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Tune in to Skilled and Fulfilled for real insights from real service providers who realistically want to make an income from their business… and not run ragged in the process!

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