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3 mistakes you might be making with color

The colors you use for your website and designs communicate something… whether you realize it or not.

You want to market your organization effectively, but you might be sabotaging your design with some common color mistakes.

Don’t worry — I’ve got quick fixes for you. Read on for 3 mistakes you might be making with color ??

1. You’re using colors with regional significance

If there’s a local sports team or organization in your area, chances are people can’t help but think of those groups when they see the same color combinations in your design.

Don’t use colors of a well-known team or organization in your area unless you absolutely want to be connected.

2. You’re using positive and negative association colors incorrectly

Maybe red is your favorite color and you want to use it in all of your designs ?

It’s tempting, but understand that not everyone shares your same affinity — and it’ll cause confusion to your readers.

When it comes to numbers, green is good and red is bad, so be mindful of how you’re using those colors — especially with numbers, charts, and reports.

3. You’re using weather-related colors incorrectly

You wouldn’t advertise a winter sale in all red or a “hot” deal in blue; it’s confusing and ineffective.


People associate red with hot and blue with cold, so make sure you pay attention to how you use colors related to weather or temperature.

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