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3 quick tips to make your design more skimmable

Let’s be honest — people move through life at the speed of light and don’t take the time to read every word on your graphic, flier, or postcard ????‍♀️

If you give the reader a big block of text in your design, chances are they’ll be intimidated and decide to not read it at all. ?

So, how do you avoid reader intimidation and get people to actually read your design?

Vary the color, fonts, and size

Maybe you have a lot to say in your design, and writing a big block of text seems unavoidable. Change up the color, fonts, and size to help the reader quickly skim the text and get the main ideas.

Avoid this

And instead, try this:

Need some easy rules to follow to make this happen? Read on for 3 quick tips to make your designs easily skimmable.

1. Only use 2-3 fonts…

…in a single design. If you use 1 font, the reader’s eye can get lost in the block of text. But if you use any more than 3, it can also be overwhelming for the reader and confuse their brain as they try to decipher all of the different fonts.

Stick to 2-3 so the reader doesn’t have to work as hard.

2. Stick to your brand colors…

Typically, 2-4 colors in one design (6-8 brand colors total). Your brand colors are going to help your brand be recognizable, and will help the reader know what to expect.

If you choose colors at random, or just because you like them, it might be a distraction to the reader.

3. Design the most important part to be most prominent…

Usually the most important part of the text, or the main idea you want the reader to take away.

Your audience might only have time to read one thing in your design. Make the most important part the largest, so if nothing else, they’ve read that part. And hopefully, it will hook them to read the rest of it!

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