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3 reasons that Instagram follower didn’t convert into a customer

Your followers, engagement, and reach are all up, so why aren’t your sales increasing the same way? ?

It can be super frustrating to sink a ton of time and energy into your IG when you’re not seeing results, but chances are it’s a fixable problem. Check out these 3 common reasons your followers aren’t turning into customers.

1. You’ve got an endless list of links

If someone is looking at the links in your bio, they want to know more about you and what you offer. If there’s no categorization or prioritization of the links, someone will get lost and not know what to do next.

Make it clear which link is to your website, which is your about page, and so on — and most importantly, don’t go overboard. Keep it short and sweet ?

2. You don’t link to your homepage, about page, or services

These are must-haves in your bio. It might seem like a good idea to include just your free resources, but this doesn’t help someone who simply wants to learn more about you.

If you’re only linking lead magnets, someone might get super frustrated if they’re trying to find out more about your services or something they were looking at weeks or months ago.

3. You’re linking to non-mobile friendly pages

Almost 100% of the website traffic you’re getting from the links in your Instagram bio will be on mobile, so you’d better make sure every page and resource you’re linking (including your business website) is mobile friendly.

It’s very frustrating as a website user to visit a page on mobile and struggle to view it because it’s only formatted for desktop. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, someone is likely to just exit out as soon as they get there.

?Pro tip: When’s the last time you navigated your own business’s website from your phone?

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