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3 straightforward ways to book more clients

If you’re looking for ways to book more clients, you’re not alone.

2023 was a rough year for many business owners where people saw some of their lowest booking rates and revenues ever. And if you own a business, you know that any time you face a huge drop in bookings or have a string of potential clients ghosting you, it’s really frustrating.

I’ve been there, and through my business ups and downs, I’ve learned a few ways to book more clients:

3 straightforward ways to book more clients

1. Make the messaging of your offers clear and simple

Talk about your offers in layman’s terms. If the way you talk about your offer uses industry jargon or it’s not obvious the differences between your offers, your messaging might need some tweaking to reach your ideal client.

I’ve dealt with this firsthand. After talking with several potential clients, I realized people didn’t get the difference between DIY to Deluxe: Branding Course, and Create with Confidence, a course about creating assets that drive action. I had to go back to my messaging to make sure it was clear that solidifying your branding was the first step, and then creating compelling content was the second step.

2. Differentiate yourself

You offer something unique to your clients that no one else can. Whether that’s your unique experience and training, your approach, or your personality, you have to figure out what your differentiating factor is, so you can highlight that and stand out as your ideal client’s obvious choice.

Not sure how to do this? Emily Writes Well and I have an entire lesson on differentiating yourself in Well-Oiled Website, a website creation course for service providers.

3. Create a cohesive, trustworthy online presence

In the online world, we’ve learned to distrust anything that looks a little off or inconsistent. So if someone hops from your Instagram to your website to your lead magnet and they all look totally different, that throws up a red flag for most people.

Ensure everything about your presence looks consistent, from your branding and logos to the website templates and messaging you use. If you want help with this, that’s part of what I do for Custom Branding and Website clients!

Want more help to book more clients?

Tune in to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 1. I’ll share the biggest mistakes service providers make that keep people from booking (and how to fix them), plus how to create urgency for your offers, so people book with you today.

Want to grow your biz and still have a life?

Tune in to Skilled and Fulfilled for real insights from real service providers who realistically want to make an income from their business… and not run ragged in the process!

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