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3 reasons your client’s stuff might look bad

Do you have to create stuff for your clients? I’m talking podcast assets, social graphics, course presentations, etc… but there’s just one problem: your client’s stuff looks bad. And it’s making you look bad.

This goes beyond aesthetics. How stuff looks affects how people perceive a business. If it looks high-end or professional or amateur, that’s what people will think of a business as well… which affects the bottom line.

So how do you still get your job done, get your client results, and salvage the relationship in the process? First, you have to figure out why it looks bad.

3 reasons your client’s stuff looks bad

1. Your client’s stuff is not your personal taste

Branding should be based on what attracts ideal clients and what someone wants to communicate about their brand, not on personal preferences.

For example, when you look at Walmart vs. Target’s branding, you can see they appeal to two different types of buyers. One is family-friendly and affordable, and the other is a little more stylish and high-end.

If you think your client’s stuff looks bad, take your personal preferences out of it and make sure it’s aligned with their brand personality. Not sure? Start with my quiz to see which fonts and colors work for a brand.​

2. Your client’s stuff looks bad because their branding is inconsistent

Inconsistent branding – different-looking fonts, colors, layouts, and logos on a website, Instagram, or emails – will diminish trust, which will also diminish revenue.

If your client doesn’t have well-defined rules for how to use their fonts, colors, design elements, and logos, that is a big reason their stuff might look bad, and is holding them back from being seen as a trustworthy presence.

3. Your client doesn’t have enough brand elements

If someone doesn’t have enough fonts, it’s difficult to create hierarchy, meaning a way to catch someone’s attention and then draw their eye naturally down the page.

And if they don’t have enough colors, everything starts to look the same. The solution here is to have 2-3 contrasting fonts and 6-8 light and dark brand colors.

Need your client’s stuff (or your own) to not suck?

Listen to Episode 4 of Skilled and Fulfilled: What to do when your client’s stuff looks bad – and you’re not a graphic designer. I share how to have a conversation with your client about how to improve their stuff, without burning bridges. Or maybe this describes your stuff (no shame!) and you need help!

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