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3 secrets on how to pick fonts

Do you struggle to pick fonts that “go” with what you’re putting together? ?

You love how stylish and effortless some fonts look, especially when people pair two fonts together in their designs… but every time you try to emulate that, it just ends up looking like a hot mess express ?

Let me let you in on a secret — or 3 — about choosing fonts.

1. All fonts have personality

No matter what the words on the page say, your fonts are communicating something about your brand. Get clear about your brand’s personality, and make sure your fonts match.

A ballet studio might have an elegant and refined brand personality — making this font on the right the perfect choice in a poster for their annual recital.

But for a business whose brand personality is modern and cutting edge? Let’s hope they’re not using something like Times New Roman ??‍♀️??‍♀️

2. Opposites attract

If you’re pairing two fonts together, make sure you pick fonts that are very different from each other, but still match your brand’s personality.

They should be different in terms of:

  • Wide and narrow
  • Thick and thin
  • Serif and sans serif

And if you’re thinking, “What the hell is a serif?” check out this blog post.

3. Make sure it’s legible

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many fonts become illegible because of the way people use them.

No matter how much you like it or how cool you think the font is, if someone can’t read it, then nothing else matters.

Different things can affect legibility, like the size, text color, and having a background behind the text.

Not sure if your design is legible? If you or someone else can’t tell what your text says within a second of seeing it, then you probably need a different font ✌?

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