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3 signs of a good graphic designer

If you’re going to invest in a graphic designer, you want them to be amazing at what they do.

You want them to create beautiful designs you love, but you also want to see results (read: profit ?). So how do you make sure that your graphic designer is skilled and knowledgeable enough to make it happen?

1. They get to know your brand

A good graphic designer should take the time to understand their client’s brand before they even begin the design process. That means they’re learning the brand descriptors, ideal client, and business goals.

Fonts, colors, and shapes all communicate something in a design before someone reads a single word. A good graphic designer knows this and knows the right questions to ask in order to communicate exactly the right things.

2. They educate you

There are many decent graphic designers out there who can design a beautiful, professional-looking logo… but not all of them can tell you how they got there.

A great graphic designer will explain what they’re doing and why to you. They can support every choice, from colors to fonts to alignment, with a solid reason — and the end goal is always to increase your profits.

You’ll know you have a solid designer if they leave you feeling educated and empowered, where no question is off-limits (not confused or unsure).

3. They help seal the deal

Once your designer understands your ideal client, they should create a brand that attracts that exact person and makes effortless sales. And it gets better: they understand that a premium design presence means you can charge premium prices. Hello, revenue ?

It’s nice if your business designs look great, but good design does so much more than that. Good design should make purchasing your products or services a no-brainer for your ideal client — and anyone you work with should understand that.

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