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3 things I love about my client’s new website

If you’re thinking about hiring a pro to help you update your business website, you might have a lot of anxiety going into the process.

Will it look the way you want it to? Will it be easy to navigate? Maybe you’ve been burned by a designer before, and the thought of working with another one makes you feel like ?‍?

It is possible to get the website transformation of your dreams. Check out the 3 things I love about my client’s website upgrade, other than just a beautiful design ?

1. Efficiency

My client had been piecing together her website herself for years. She had an endless list of plug-ins that were only half-utilized.

I customized the back end of her site to eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks. So now, for example, when she’s a guest on someone’s podcast, she only has to upload the podcast feature to her website once instead of multiple times. The new site will then automatically add her logo to her homepage and the full feature to her “about” page.

She used to have to do these tasks over and over whenever she wanted to update her site… and who has time for that? ⏳

2. Elevated branding

Before we started working together, my client hated how difficult it was to pair her brand colors together.

There was only one dark color (it’s so important to choose a variety of light and dark colors for your brand colors), so there wasn’t a lot of variety to her website design.

We worked together to identify colors, fonts, and design elements that are more professional and better appeal to her target audience — which automatically elevated her branding and marketing.

3. Site built for scale

My client was struggling to piece her website together herself. She was DIYing it, so she often had to give up or settle for something she didn’t really want.

Her new site is built for her business to grow. It’s set up to showcase countless additional blog posts, offers, and resources for years to come!

And the best part? She’s full trained to make these updates herself ?

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