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3 ways to break up a big block of text in your design

You create designs with the goal of enticing people to read, but if you’ve got a big block of text, chances are no one’s going to actually read it.

Think about it: when you see a big block of text, whether in an email, social media caption, or flier, what does your brain automatically do? Skip over it.

If your design contains one big blocks of text, someone probably isn’t going to read it.

3 easy ways to break up a big block of text

1. Use bullets

Bullets help the reader’s brain quickly see that there are only three things to read in this list, which is much less intimidating. When someone’s brain can decipher that before even reading a word, they’re much more likely to read what you have to say.

heading, subheading, and 3 bullet points

Even better, bullets are available on almost any program you would need to use.

Not sure how to use bullets? Check out 5 rules for bullets here.

2. Add a short heading

When you use a short heading that is visually different from the rest of the text — and the heading is enticing — people are much more likely to read your paragraph.

heading with text underneath

And when I say “short,” I mean 3-6 words — not 10-20. You don’t have to give away all the information in the heading; you just have to get people to stop and read because they’re interested.

3. Use icons to break up a big block of text

Icons are very visually interesting, and just like bullets, they tell someone’s brain how many things there are to digest. Here, you automatically know there are only 3 things to read — before you even read a word.

heading, text underneath, and 3 icons with a descriptor under each

🔥 Pro tip: I love the site Font Awesome. They have an icon library of over 16,000 icons, and currently, over 2,000 of them are free.

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