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4 easy steps to choose your brand colors

The colors you use communicate your brand before you say a single word — so your brand color choices are super important.

Maybe every color combination you’ve tried just doesn’t look quite right, and you know you need help making sure your colors fit your brand personality.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be artistic to come up with the right colors; you just need to follow some simple guidelines.

Here are 4 tips for choosing your brand colors:

1. Choose 6-8 colors

How many colors is too many?

20 brand colors is way too many, especially for someone who isn’t a graphic designer. However, 2 colors isn’t enough; you’d have to incorporate a ton of neutrals or all your designs would look super duo-toned.

I recommend 6-8 brand colors. You can see mine to the right ??

2. Make sure you have light + dark colors

You need to have a variety of lights and darks in your brand colors to give you flexibility in your designs.

That way, you can design light text on a dark background, or vice versa.

3. Consider all the places you’ll use these colors

Will you be using these colors on your website only? On social media? On printed items?

You’ll want to make sure these colors look the way you want them to on a screen if that’s primarily where you’ll use them, but be aware that they may look different once you print them — especially if you’re using bright neon brand colors.

4. You can always add a special color later

Don’t get caught up in choosing all the perfect colors you’ll ever need right now.

You can start out with 6-8 colors now, and add a special color later for an event or occasion (notice the teal I added for Sexual Assault Awareness Month) OR just because you want to (I added a hot pink for a fun post, just because).

These colors still coordinate with my brand colors, but they add a bit of fun and variety to my designs.

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