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4 reasons NOT to choose a font

When you’re creating a social graphic, presentation, or whatever, the font options are seriously endless ♾️

You can spend hours trying out every font under the sun (and even trying different font combos together), but it’s all just a waste of time if you’re not choosing fonts with the right reason in mind.

First, here are reasons NOT to choose a font (these are real reasons people have told me):

1. Don’t choose a font because it’s there

Just because you have slim pickings for your fonts doesn’t mean you’re limited to those.

There are tons of free font resources online that allow you to download the perfect font. Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts are just two examples — there are tons out there.

2. Don’t choose a font because it’s popular

Trends come and go. What’s popular today might not be popular tomorrow, which means your design will turn off clients and miss the chance to convert if it’s not the right font.

Remember, Comic Sans was popular once ?

3. Don’t choose a font because it’s your favorite

It’s great to like your fonts. But don’t forget that your fonts are communicating something to the people who see them.

Are your fonts appealing to your ideal client? Are your fonts converting, or just looking pretty without any other purpose?

4. Don’t choose a font because your computer teacher said to always use Helvetica for a résumé

This was a real reason someone told me they used to choose a font. And I promise, if you don’t get hired, it’s not because you chose something other than Helvetica for your résumé ??‍♀️

The ONLY reason to choose a font…

It matches your brand personality.

That’s it! Before you decide on font, spend some time coming up with your brand descriptors. Once you’re clear on your brand’s personality, choose fonts that match.

For example, if you were designing for Apple, you’d use the brand descriptors “sleek,” “modern,” and “cutting edge.” You’d choose fonts that matched those descriptors (and avoid the ones that didn’t).

Your fonts communicate your brand to the world. They attract (or repel) potential clients. Choose wisely ?

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