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4 signs it’s time for a new website

So you DIY’d your business website, but now you’re wondering if it’s time for a new one ?

You might be confused about how to tell it’s time, and if it really matters if you have an updated website. Here’s the truth: a low quality website can cost you in your business. It’s worth the investment ??

Here are 4 signs it’s time for a new website:

1. It’s frustrating to navigate

If you DIY’d your website or a less experienced freelancer created it, it might lack best practices that allow a website to be easily navigated. This can include simple things you might not even think about, like your logo always linking back to the homepage.

This can create a super frustrating user experience… meaning visitors get annoyed and leave quickly, costing you profits.

2. You’re settling for what you have

If you’re piecing your website together with different templates and dysfunctional plug-ins, then you’re likely settling for a website that’s just okay.

And if you feel “just okay” about it, this isn’t giving the best first impression to your ideal person. The more high-quality your website, the more high-quality your brand will appear — meaning the more trustworthy and reliable your brand will appear. Hello, better conversion rate! ??

3. You can’t update it easily

If you don’t know how to create new pages on your website or you avoid doing it because it takes a ton of time or breaks the site, then you’re putting a cap on your business growth.

This means you’re not featuring new blogs, offers, or resources, and your ideal person isn’t seeing the best version of your business. And if your website is holding your business growth back, then it’s definitely time for a new website.

4. You want one

It’s totally okay to get a new website because YOU want one! There are tons of practical (and profitable) reasons to upgrade your site, but the bonus is that it can also be more beautiful, on-brand, and enjoyable to have a professionally designed website.

If you’re ready for a premium online presence (that matches your prices), peace of mind knowing your site can easily grow with new content and offers, and increased revenue from your website, then you’re definitely ready for a beautiful website transformation.

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