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4 ways you’re doing service provider market research wrong

We can think that we know our ideal clients inside and out – like their pain points, needs, and what they’re willing to pay. But unless you conduct service provider market research, then we’re really just guessing. And guesses don’t pay the bills.

Here’s what does pay the bills: market research done right.

I’ve got a few ways you might be doing market research ineffectively (make sure to scroll to the end for how to do it right way)

4 ways you’re doing service provider market research wrong

1. If you’re using a form, you’re dong service provider market research wrong

If you’re collecting market research responses via a form, you’re not getting any context. People might write a sentence or two, and you’re left without any additional info.

You can’t ask follow-up questions on a form, so you’re left guessing what someone meant by a response… and like I said, guesses don’t pay the bills.

2. If you’re using polls on social, you’re doing it wrong

The problem with using polls on Instagram or Facebook for market research is that anyone in your audience can take them. You have no idea if the people responding are actually your ideal client.

I don’t know about you, but my mom responds to every poll I make on Instagram… she’s not my ideal client (sorry, mom)

3. If you’re asking what someone would pay, you’re doing it wrong

This is a huge no-no, because the person you’re asking will always go low.

People have no idea how much time it takes to provide your service, or how much your expertise and training is worth.

4. If you’re listening to the loudest voice, you’re doing it wrong

I get it, because I’m often very opinionated about things. You might speak to someone who is very opinionated about your offer, and they might give you specifics about exactly what it should look like and how much it should cost.

But if you’re listening to them only, rather than the consensus of the group, then that voice might lead you astray.

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