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5 painful lessons I learned from my first launch

Your first product launch can be terrifying, but filled with a ton of important lessons.

If you’re a business owner getting ready for your first product launch, you know how high the stakes can be. You’ve spent time, money, and energy shaping your offer. You’ve made huge investments, and now you want to see the returns.

I know the feeling, and I learned a few painful lessons from my first product launch. Here are 5 lessons I learned (so you can avoid the same mistakes):

1. Design matters

In my first launch, I spent so much time creating the offer that I forgot to think about the design of the launch. Don’t get me wrong — it still looked good. But I didn’t think about tailoring the design to my ideal person.

Because the design of my product logo, sales page, and website weren’t designed to attract my ideal person, they never even got to see my offer.

2. Get help before your product launch

After the launch, I had other business owners look at my launch assets. They were able to point out some mistakes on my sales page after the fact… things I could have easily fixed beforehand.

I’ve learned a lot about launching since then. Now I know: I should have never started a product launch without getting a few expert second opinions first.

3. Not every client is for you

You aren’t going to be the right fit for everyone. That said, you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone.

You should have a crystal clear picture of who your ideal person is. You should know their demographics, what they want, what they love, what they hate, how they spend their free time… you get the picture. Once you know your ideal person inside and out, that’s when you design a sales page and website that’s tailored to attract and convert them.

4. Branding matters

Your branding isn’t there to just look good. It’s there to attract a specific type of person, and represent your business.

If your brand is inconsistent, potential buyers will see that. This might mean it looks DIY’d, pieced together, or maybe things are constantly changing. This does one thing: makes your brand (and products) look untrustworthy.

5. There’s always another product launch

I wasn’t happy with how my first product launch went… but the good news is, there’s always another launch. I took the lessons I learned from my first launch, had way more successful launches after that, and now I help other people with their launch assets.

If you’re not happy with how your launch went, know that you can do better on the next one.

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