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Why clients aren’t booking with you

It’s super frustrating when potential clients disappear, or you stop getting inquiries all together with no clear reason why. You’re left guessing as to why clients aren’t booking, which is more than a little annoying.

But booking a new client is kind of like a first date. Any red flag or “ick” we give can cause someone who was previously interested to ghost – and that’s especially true for online businesses, where anyone can make an Instagram and say they’re a service provider.

The solution? Know the most common red flags service providers give potential clients, and work on any you’re giving.

5 reasons why clients aren’t booking

1. Frequent mistakes in your content

A grammar mistake here or there is not a big deal. But frequent errors in your content can show a lack of attention to detail… which is a big red flag to clients if your service is detail-oriented.

2. Your disjointed visual experience is why clients aren’t booking

All of your visual content should look cohesive. That means your brand colors, business name, logo, and any templates you use should all be used consistently everywhere your business lives online.

If the visual experience looks different when traveling from your Insta to your website to your booking form, that sends up a red flag that something is untrustworthy (which is money out the window!)

Need help with your brand foundation? ​I’ll walk you through exactly how to create yours with DIY to Deluxe: Branding Course​ – no design experience required!

3. You’re missing from your own website

The reason someone wants to work with you as the service provider is because of you: your experience, expertise, and uniqueness. If they didn’t want to know about you, they’d just hire the cheapest person from Fiverr.

4. Your website or social media are dusty

I’ve personally been referred to people who I thought were no longer in business when I looked at their website or Instagram.

Keep your online presence up to date with accurate info and working booking forms (that includes updating your copyright year to 2024)

5. You’re treating your biz like a hobby

You need the proper business systems to have a professional presence. If you’re taking payments over Venmo or having to hop off of a Zoom call after 40 minutes, that’s likely a red flag that you don’t take your business seriously.

Want more reasons why clients aren’t booking

Listen to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 7 to hear Red flags you’re giving to potential clients and referral sources. You’ll find out red flags you’re giving – from discovery call to booking – and how to fix them, how your online presence could be turning clients off, and my best advice to set yourself up for success during inquiry calls and the post-inquiry process.

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