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5 reasons you need your prices on your website

Constantly putting together custom proposals for new clients sucks.

Hemming and hawing over the price and package is the worst. And if you’re like most business owners, pricing is stressful and can take up a ton of time and energy. The solution? Put your prices on your website.

I get why that’s scary. Early on in my business, I was intimidated to set a price I couldn’t afford to pay myself. And I always felt uncomfortable setting and discussing my prices. But now I know that life is so much better when you can just put your prices on your website. Here’s why:

5 reasons you need to put your prices on your website

1. Goodbye guilt

When your prices are on your website, you get out of the DMs talking about price. You have no guilt sharing your prices because they’re set in stone, and there’s less conversation or question surrounding price (sounds great, right? ?)

2. You’ll send proposals quicker when you put your prices on your website

Say farewell to going back and forth over how much you’re going to charge a client. When your prices are set, you can send proposals right away after you get off a discovery call – so you can capitalize on their excitement and get more successful bookings ?

3. No more wasting a client’s time

When your pricing is transparent, your potential clients know immediately if they can afford you. They won’t waste their time (or yours) jumping on a call with you if they can’t afford to pay your rates.

4. Put your prices on your website for more business

When your prices aren’t listed, someone might assume you’re too high (or too low) for them. You might get passed over for someone else if your prices aren’t clear and out in the open.

5. You can eventually delegate

If you constantly send custom proposals and the pricing calculations live solely in your head, that makes it very difficult for a team member to help with this in the future.

When your prices are set, that allows you to delegate the client work to others… which is critical if you ever want to scale.

Want to feel good about your prices?

Listen to Episode 6 of the Skilled and Fulfilled podcast! Kimberly Tara, owner of The Tara CPA Firm, joins me to discuss How to confidently price your offers (and raise prices!). We share how we set prices for new offers (and if we’ve ever lowered them), our mindset on pricing, some pricing fails, and how to make sure you never get hung out to dry with unpaid invoices.

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