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5 ways to make your presentations better

Do you struggle to make your Powerpoint presentations dynamic and engaging? Do you find yourself frustrated by the design side of creating a presentation?

Maybe you drive yourself crazy wondering what fonts, graphics, and colors to use. You want people to be excited and enthralled with your presentation, but you know what you’re making just isn’t cutting it.

A project that should take an hour or so takes you days to finish, and you continue to second guess yourself and waste precious time.

Here’s the good news: Design is something you can learn to do better! Read on to discover 5 tips for making your presentations look better today.

1. Choose fonts and colors wisely

The fonts and colors you choose communicate something, regardless what you say or your slides say.

Never choose fonts and colors just because they are your favorite, popular, or because your teacher once told you to. Choose fonts and colors that align with what you’re trying to convey based on your brand.

For example: you could describe the Apple brand as clean, modern, sleek, and cutting edge. To match this brand, you would want to choose simple fonts that are clean and sleek, and monochromatic colors like black, gray, and white that are also clean and sleek.

2. Consistency is key

People often think that consistency is boring and mixing it up is creative.

However, if you are always redesigning how you present something, like a new section, the viewer’s brain has to work a little harder every time they see a new section to identify that’s what it is. So if your sections always look the same, it’s easier for the viewer to focus on the content of your presentation.

Keep consistent styles for things like titles, section breaks, headers, subheaders, and text. Consistency of style applies to everything: the font, color, size, placement on the slide, and alignment.

3. Your audience is listening, not reading

It’s difficult for a viewer to listen to a presenter speak and read a lengthy paragraph on a slide at the same time.

If you don’t want to use bullets, consider using icons with headings and a few words underneath. And if you have multiple bullets, break them into groups with headings.

No matter what, challenge yourself to use as few words as possible.

4. Make sure everything is legible

Make sure the size of your text is legible by viewing your slide very small on your screen.

Double check the text and background colors work together as well: for example, yellow, link pink, or light gray text on a white screen will not show up well. There should always be a high contrast between your text and background colors.

When choosing fonts, the simpler the better. Detailed fonts might work for large headings with just a few words, but otherwise, keep it simple.

Finally, consider how it’s being presented. If you’re presenting on Zoom, make your text size large enough to view in gallery view, and avoid putting essential information in the top right of the screen to keep it visible in speaker view.

If you’re presenting in person, keep critical information at the top of the slide to ensure viewers sitting anywhere in the room can see it.

5. Review it backwards

You’ve probably read your presentation through from beginning to end dozens of times. So to prevent missing little mistakes, typos, or something you planned on changing later, review it backwards.

You’re much more likely to catch those little mistakes this way.

So now that you’ve got a great-looking presentation, you need a great title to entice someone to watch you present. Grab my freebie below to get you started ⤵️

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