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7 reasons you think you can’t design well yourself

You feel like everything you design looks like ?

Whether it’s a reel, social graphic, or podcast thumbnail, it doesn’t matter — you have trouble coming up with something creative and effective. Maybe you’re a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager, and the stakes are higher because you know if your designs aren’t eye catching, it will cost them money.

You feel like:

1. You don’t know how to make it look good

You know your latest email graphic doesn’t look good, but you don’t know HOW to make it look better. You wish there were concrete rules to making professional designs (spoiler alert… there are! Peep the bottom of the page for details ⤵️).

2. You start it and hate it

You’ve spent 30 minutes trying to create a Pinterest pin from a blank page… only to hate it. Not only is this super frustrating, but it’s a waste of precious time (and time is money).

3. It always takes too long

You only have a certain amount of time in the week to get work done. You don’t have hours to spend Googling “how to design in Powerpoint,” or searching Pinterest for Powerpoint templates.

Not knowing how to design is costing you time and slowing down your output, which costs you money in the end.

4. You don’t think you’re creative

Because you’re not super artistic, you feel like you can’t create designs that will catch people’s attention. You stare at a blank page in Canva, afraid to make something crappy or overused.

5. You don’t know what to include

You’re not sure what best practices are for social graphics, podcast graphics, email graphics, or… well, anything. You know there MUST be rules out there, but you just don’t know what they are ??‍♀️

6. You don’t have the right software

You feel like, because you don’t have Photoshop or Adobe, it’s not possible for you to create pro designs from scratch. You feel like your only options are customizing the colors on a Canva template.

What if I told you that you could design well using ANY program you already have?

7. You don’t have the right education

Because you didn’t get a degree in graphic design, you feel like all hope is lost for your designs. You’ve used the University of Google and YouTube, but you know what you’ll find there is limited (and researching yourself is super time consuming).

Not knowing design costs you money

If this sounds like you, here’s the truth: NONE of these reasons will stop you from designing well.

Design is a learnable skill. There are design rules and best practices you can learn — no matter what program you use, what education you have, or your level of creativity. The truth is that ANYONE can learn to design professional-looking designs.

And honestly, you can’t afford to not learn. With all the competition out there on social media, in podcasts, and emails, if you DON’T know how to create eye-catching designs, you’ll be losing business to someone who does.

Want to learn those skills? Learn more about my design course.

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