About page ideas to connect with your ideal client

Are you DIY-ing your website and struggling to come up with About page ideas?

The purpose of the About page is to establish your authority and credibility. Your About page should not just be a granular breakdown of your year-by-year experience, or a place to write a 30,000 word memoir.

This page is also not the place to put stock photos, while leaving out pictures of yourself or your name. It’s a strategic place to captivate potential clients and connect with them by showing them you’re the perfect person to solve their problem.

As you create your website, here are 4 About page ideas to help position you as the expert:

4 About page ideas to connect with your ideal client

1. Showcase your expertise

You want to showcase your expertise and specifically how that connects to the client and their problems. That means you want to talk about your expertise in a way to aligns to your client’s pain points, or the benefits or transformations they’ll get when they work with you.

✅ Example for a business coach: I’ve coached small business owners of all backgrounds, from lawyers to photographers, so I know how to break down running a successful business into concepts anyone can understand.

2. Share numbers

The About page is a great place to share numbers – like numbers of clients and projects worked with, numbers of hours saved, numbers of businesses served, etc. Timelines and other quick facts that connect with potential clients also work well here.

✅ Example for a child sleep consultant: 400+ families sleeping soundly through the night

3. Infuse your personality

Always share information in a way that clients actually care about – so that means including your personality. This is a place you can throw in your Enneagram type, Zodiac sign, or favorite things to do on the weekends. These are things people care about, because you are the person they will be working with.

✅ Example for a photographer: When I’m not capturing your memories, you can find me trying a new local coffee shop for their best brew.

4. End with a compelling reason to view your services

If someone is reading your About page, they are interested in working with you. They want to learn more about you. Now, it’s time to end the page with a compelling reason to do that. Remind them of the benefit or transformation you can provide for their business and include a button that takes them to your services page.

✅ Example for a copywriter: Ready to see what enticing copy can do for your bottom line?

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