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You need to achieve your unique business goals
I’ll use design to get you there – through courses and done-for-you services

Hey, I'm (Lauren) Felter!

Anyone can create a website or logo

My superpower is making sure that it attracts the right person, converts a curious onlooker, and seals the deal.

Before I started my business, I thought of design as just making things look better. Once I realized how to use design to get results, I started helping others do the same.

I’ve designed branding and websites for more than a decade, and I taught design at a flagship university to several hundred non-design students, so I know how to break down design into easy-to-understand concepts.

And as a business owner, I’m familiar with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I’ve learned what works, and I love helping others do the same… all with designs that look really, really good.

When I’m not harnessing the power of design, you can find me…

rewatching The Office for the thousandth time
eating something really tasty
taking a picture of a sunset
listening to one of my favorite podcasts

You'll always get my unfiltered take

When we work together, you can trust you’re getting my years of experience and expertise – all with realness and humor.

That’s why my core values are:

I’m not a math person

but these numbers really add up


years obsessing over personality-packed fonts and color psychology


clients + students loving the impact of good design on their biz
results achieved with better branding, websites, and assets

“Felter is an amazing instructor. She is funny and relatable, and her feedback is always extremely helpful.”

-Stephanie P.

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