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Are you committing this website color crime?

It’s one of the biggest issues I see on websites: poor color contrast ?

It might seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal, but poor color contrast can actually be a major accessibility issue for people with visual impairments. It can also be an issue for people who have their screen brightness turned down.

Here are 3 examples to look out for:

1. Light paragraph text on a light background

Maybe you love a light and airy aesthetic or all of your brand colors are light. Whatever the reason, light text on a light background is never legible.

An illegible website is very frustrating for viewers to try to read, and most probably will stop trying to navigate past the homepage.

Instead, always use light text with a dark background, or vice versa.

2. Text over images

Putting text over images might seem fun and creative, but a lot of the time it isn’t legible if there isn’t the right contrast.

If you want to put text over an image, use a solid or transparent shape behind the text or add some kind of detail to the text to make it stand out more.

Or just save text for captions, headings, or text to the right or left of your image for better accessibility.

3. Really detailed fonts

It’s okay to want to make an impact with your fonts, but if you choose a really detailed font (like a display font), it needs to be dark enough and large enough to be easily read.

Stick to a few words when using a detailed font, and make sure the text color is highly contrasting with the background color ?️?

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