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Branding + website projects for late summer launches

How to be a good podcast guest

Have you ever said this: “If I could just get in front of more people, I’d book more clients.” If you’re wondering how to be a good podcast guest, you have to be on the right podcasts and share about yourself strategically to book more clients. As someone who has guested on 30+ podcasts, I’ve […]

How to get photography clients to love you right way

Do you want to know how to get photography clients and make them fall in love with you the second they land on your website? When a potential clients sees your homepage for the first time, it’s like a first date. You only have one chance to make a good impression. So here’s how to […]

Lower Stripe fees? How I’m saving $500 on Stripe fees this year

Are you tired of seeing a chunk of your hard-earned revenue vanish into thin air every time a client pays you through Stripe? Do you wish you could have lower Stripe fees – or none at all? As an online business owner, navigating through credit card transaction fees can feel like a constant battle. But […]

Get your content creator website to book clients

First impressions are critical, especially for a content creator website! People don’t get the chance to meet you face-to-face first, so that means your online presence – your website, or Instagram, your blog, etc – have to speak for you. They have to communicate who you are, who you serve, and what you do… and […]

3 tips to effectively use neon as a brand color

Bright postcard that says "neon brand"

Neon and bright brand colors have made a resurgence in the past few years – but they’re not always used effectively. These colors are fun and youthful, BUT… there are some common pitfalls of neon that many people don’t realize when they’re selecting brand colors. Thankfully, there are a few easy tips you can follow […]

Your portfolio website template should be more than good-looking

Everybody wants a good-looking portfolio website template Whether you hire someone, save up for a high-priced template, or DIY it, here’s the one problem with a good-looking website template: it won’t necessarily make you more money. If you’re thinking that a beautiful website is going to skyrocket your business, think again. Just because your portfolio […]

How to grow a service based business

Not everyone makes decisions like you do. There are 5 types of decision makers, and they all approach purchasing decisions differently. If you want to know how to grow a service based business, you need to know how different business owners make decisions. How to grow a service based business by utilizing different decision-making styles […]

8 web design mistakes to avoid

Unhappy Felter sitting with laptop

If you’re designing your own business website (or getting an inexperienced designer to make one for you), there are some common web design mistakes you’ll want to avoid. I’ve been designing websites for over a decade, and I’ve seen some nightmare web design mistakes that are completely avoidable, if you get the right person to […]

Why a “Website in a Day” doesn’t work

I’ve got an unpopular opinion: a “Website in a Day” doesn’t really work. Maybe you’ve seen offers that promise to create an entire website in a day. And while I’m sure they can crank out a website that fast, I doubt that website can move the needle specifically for your business. Why? Because an effective website […]

4 ways you’re doing service provider market research wrong

We can think that we know our ideal clients inside and out – like their pain points, needs, and what they’re willing to pay. But unless you conduct service provider market research, then we’re really just guessing. And guesses don’t pay the bills. Here’s what does pay the bills: market research done right. I’ve got […]