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Before you design something, ask these 3 things

So often, when we have to design something, we jump straight into it without thinking through the important details.

We throw some crap on a blank page in Canva just to get it done, and we’re really not sure WHY we’re designing it a certain way… and it shows ?

But knowing the “why” behind your design will make your graphic much better… and make the design process smoother.

Before you start making that flier, presentation, or whatever, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What’s the purpose?

When you know the purpose behind your flier or presentation, that will guide you on what kind of information to include (or omit).

For instance, if you’re creating a flier to get people to volunteer for an event, you’d include the date, time, location, where they could sign up, and possibly why they should sign up.

You would not include information on sponsoring, because that doesn’t align with the purpose of the design.

2. Who’s the target audience?

Knowing the target audience of your design will clue you in on what design elements to use — like fonts, colors, and shapes.

Let’s go back to the volunteer flier example. Let’s say the flier’s target audience is high school students who need community service hours. You might use colors, fonts, and shapes that are fun, eye-catching, and relevant to that age group.

But if the target audience is a CEO, you’d want to make sure the design was sophisticated enough to be taken seriously.

3. How is this going to be distributed?

Is your design going to be printed out and distributed to a bunch of people? Or is it just going to be emailed and read on a desktop?

The answer to this affects the design of your project. If it’s going to be printed out, go easy on the pictures and full-color backgrounds (the printer will thank you later).

But if it’s just going to be emailed? Add as many images and colors as you want (as long as it aligns with your brand personality?).

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