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Convert browsers to buyers with this website rule

You see how many people view your website… and you know no one’s buying your offer.

You’re getting a respectable number of website clicks, and you know your offer is solid. You’ve put a ton of work and money into starting your business and launching your offer, and now… you’re not sure where your income is going to come from this month.

I see this all the time — and usually with business owners who have DIY’d their own website. If you’re not a web designer, it can be easy to overlook a standard web design rule that converts browsers to buyers.

That rule is to always create hierarchy.

Use hierarchy to get your ideal person to take action

Using hierarchy means your website is designed to make someone look at the heading first, followed by the subheading and text, and finally, the call to action button. The homepage and the sales pages are designed to convince someone to read things in a specific order — which makes them much more likely to actually finish the page and follow your call to action.

No hierarchy just blends together ❌

Good hierarchy keeps someone engaged ✅

But if you don’t know about hierarchy, your webpage will just blend together… and I guarantee you’ll lose out on sales.

Good web design does more than just looks good; it converts browsers to buyers. Want to know more about how you can improve your website to increase your conversions? Book a website audit here.

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