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Automatically generate alt text for images in over 130 languages. Improve SEO and site accessibility.

Alt tag attributes are necessary for increasing SEO and page accessibility. Why rely on a human to manually write descriptions for every image on your site? Integrate with AltText.ai and automate your alt text SEO workflow.

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Why I love AI Alt Text Generator

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Top features of AI Alt Text Generator

WordPress Plugin
Automatically generate alt text for every new image you add to your media library. Plus, repair all your existing images with our bulk updater. AltText.ai for WordPress does it all.
SEO Keywords
Provide your target SEO keywords, and AltText.ai will intelligently incorporate them into the finished alt text.
Flexible integrations
Whether you are a content creator, agency, business owner, or developer, AltText.ai can make your job easier, and your website better.

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