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Top features of Moo.com

Always deliver delight
Because Moo is confident in the quality of what they do, they’re not afraid to be playful and surprising. It’s what makes them stick in people’s hearts and minds.
Imagine it better
They believe there’s a better way, and they need to find it first. They have a progressive, purposeful mindset.
Every detail counts
It’s not perfectionism, it’s precision. And it means Moo always ships greatness. They take pride in their work and making it even better.

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I’m Felter, the designer that non-designers love

I used to work the 9-5 grind in the corporate world – like I was “supposed to” – until I blew it all up to do it my own way.

Now, I help non-designers with branding and design that gets people’s attention and make sales – quickly and easily.

Why? Because good design is the difference between your ideal person scrolling past you online or taking action.

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