Are you ready to create assets and designs

that actually drive action?

then it's time to




Hey business owners and service providers:
I know your marketing struggles
You need to content and assets that get results

without wasting any more hours in Canva!

are you ready to




even as a non-designer?


No more spending hours putting together graphics, presentations, and PDFs. Instead, easily create professional content…. that actually gets likes, sign-ups, and sales!


Create content quickly and easily, without second-guessing your design choices, because you have a step-by-step design framework to follow that attracts the right people


Feel empowered knowing that the designed assets you create will get you more clients or buyers for your business (or your client’s business!).

And the best part? Assets designed to convert = more business = happy clients and buyers = amazing testimonials = the business growth you’ve been dreaming of

Hello, high conversions!

Better marketing without outsourcing

“ALL of my deliverables and marketing materials have DRASTICALLY improved from a design perspective.

I learned how to actually think about and look at graphics with an eye for improving them!”

– Kimberly, tax strategist and business owner

Can you picture this?

You open Canva and easily crank out a few graphics for Instagram and an email banner with ease.

You don’t waste any time questioning your design decisions or hating the way your content looks. You feel confident because it all looks professional and you know you’ll get the clicks, sign-ups, and sales you need.

You post the graphics and send the email with the new banner, and feel proud to put your business’s name on it.

You’re seeing more inquiries and engagement than ever before, and you know it’s no coincidence that it started when you learned to design better.

That’s the power of creating designs that drive action. You can feel confident your content will get results!




Transform your content from snooze-worthy to scroll-stopping
all for only


Why Create with Confidence?

Here are a few good reasons

module 1
Designs that drive action

Let’s make sure you know how to grab attention, keep them engaged long enough to see your value, then drive action with your content.

module 2
Design with confidence

Get my easy-to-follow design framework so you can create anything quickly and with confidence.

module 3
Watch me create

I’ll break down best practices and you’ll watch me create different assets, so you can make your own high-converting content.

module 4
Canva hacks

You can use what you learn in any software or app, but I’ll show you some of my favorite Canva tips and tricks since most create there!

module 5
Creating for clients

If you regularly create for clients, you’ll love this module where you’ll learn how to manage design projects so you have happy clients and high conversions.

bonus module
Resource library

Never get stuck when you utilize the fonts, images, icons, and color I use when I design, plus headline ideas, copy rules when you’re designing, and more!

If you’re ready to stop wasting time in Canva (or wherever) and start creating content that gets results, you need this course.

Designs that deliver

have never been more attainable

You don’t have to be creative or artistic to learn my formula for design.

I’ve broken down the mystifying concepts and technical jargon of graphic design down into simple, easy-to-follow rules that you can use every time you design, to impact your bottom line.

No art degree, creative talents, or subjective “eye for design” required.

And you don’t need a high-priced suite of professionally-designed templates to create content that gets results either.

The rules and framework I teach can be applied at any skill level to any program or software.

Whether you’re using Canva, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Photoshop, or something I’ve never heard of… you’ll have what you need to quickly and easily create social graphics, presentations, PDFs and more that get the attention of the right people and get the bookings and buyers you need.

Grow your biz with confidence

“Felter breaks design down into easy-to-follow rules that anyone can understand.

I used to dread making graphics from scratch, but now I actually know what I’m doing. I was able to grow my virtual assistant business, because my clients loved my work.

I HIGHLY recommend Create with Confidence!“

-Elisa, virtual assistant

Hey, I'm Felter!


Before I launched Create with Confidence, I taught college students at a flagship university how to design like pros by following the set of rules and framework I built – turning design from an indescribable “art” into a step-by-step formula that gets results every time.

My students raved about my approach and loved that I incorporated my humor (hello, sarcasm and dry wit) and real-world examples into my lessons.

I love that I now get to partner with business owners (like you!) who need to confidently create content that gets results – without headaches, overwhelm, or endless rounds of edits.

Feel more confident in your content

That’s what happens when you Create with Confidence

Say goodbye to the anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration you feel every time you open Canva 😩

Be confident every time you create, because you know exactly what to do 😎

Say goodbye to feeling embarrassed when you see your IG post alongside someone else’s 🫣

Be confident you can easily crank out graphics and get back to doing what you love 🥳

Say goodbye to wasting precious time designing assets, when you could be growing your business 😵‍💫

Be confident your designs actually get results and look good, too! 🤩


Is knowing how to design REALLY that important?

100%! Good design doesn’t just look pretty. It gets the attention of the right people, converts a curious on-looker into a buyer, and you see the ROI in your bank account. If you want to stand out in a crowded space and drive action, then you need to know how to design with the formula I teach!

My business doesn’t have established branding yet. Will this course help me do that?

Branding isn’t covered in Create with Confidence, but it is covered in DIY to Deluxe: Branding Course! I recommend taking DIY to Deluxe first to solidify your branding, and then enrolling in Create with Confidence to understand how to use your branding to drive action.

Do I need a design background for this course?

Nope. This course is specifically for people without an “eye for design” who want to uplevel their designed assets so they get the attention of the right people and drive action.

No matter what your background is, you can learn an easy-to-follow process to create assets that sell.

What software will I learn in this course?

I know so many business owners are on a shoestring budget and don’t have the resources to purchase specific software. You can use Canva, Word, Powerpoint, Adobe tools, or anything else you can get your hands on.

The purpose of Create with Confidence is to establish the base rules of design and allow you the freedom to create whatever you need, with whatever tool you’re using, so you get results every time.

It is my assumption that most are using Canva, so you’ll see me use Canva in the “watch me create” lessons and I’ll share my favorite Canva tips in several lessons, as well.

Are you ready to create compelling content that actually drives action?

Stop wasting hours putting together ineffective assets – only to be left frustrated, annoyed, and underwhelmed.

it’s time to