Custom Website
Transform your business without lifting a finger
from copy to design, it's created to convert
If an employee was killing every sale,
you'd let them go.
The same is true for your website.

your website is killing your business if...

it's clunky or difficult to navigate

it doesn't showcase your value and expertise

it wasn't designed or written to appeal to your ideal client

it's not converting a curious on-looker into a lead

People think the way to scale is to market like crazy

They post daily on social media, send tons of cold pitches, and spend hours a week on discovery calls… without seeing a huge ROI.

But the truth is – your website is the face of your business. It’s the door everyone has to walk through to get to your offers. 

So your site is either making your business or breaking it

Well-designed websites do more than just look pretty

Any web designer can create a website that looks good and runs smoothly.

My expertise is learning your specific business goals and delivering a website that achieves them – one that looks and reads as premium as your business.

Through my 12+ years experience, I know that good design doesn’t just look good – although your website will look really good. Good design will attract your ideal buyer and get them to take action.

Whether you want more sign-ups, sales, or clients…

I’ll design a website that gets you there

So what are you looking to achieve?

Grow your audience

Kimberly struggled to piece together a website that got readers where they wanted and kept them reading.

Now, without even having time to regularly promote her blog, she’s getting consistent readership, increased speaking opportunities, and more email opt-ins than ever before.

Stand out in a crowded space

As a personal injury attorney, Titus knew his website blended in with the many others in his niche, but his approach was much different. He needed a way to stand out and differentiate himself as compassionate and caring, instead of aggressive and intimidating.

His new site was designed to specifically appeal to his target client and stand out from the crowd.

Attract + impress ideal clients

Lauren needed a presence as high-end as her business, so she could impress her dream clients.

With a new website, she can easily find aligned clients, wow them with her work, and get them started on a best-fit project.

Scale + expand offerings

Samantha was ready to scale her business and introduce a digital product shop. She knew her business had outgrown her DIYed website.

Now, her Custom Website showcases all of her offerings from done-for-you to low-ticket – and her audience can easily find the solution they need.

Be inclusive + accessible

Marisa’s goal was to have a website that showcased her wide range of service areas and was easily accessible to navigate. The website she had before was not designed to bring in new business and was frustrating for her to update.

Now, her website is inclusive and accessible to all – and communicates her value to her potential clients.

An all-in-one experience

where all you have to do is say "yes!"

You’ll get a professionally designed website with words written by a professional copywriter – all rolled into one premium service.

Most website designers will only create webpages for you, leaving you to either write the words on your website yourself (tons of time + headache) or hire a copywriter (more $$$).

My Custom Website is a full-service website experience that includes every word written for you by a pro… so you can relax knowing your site will be designed and written to convert in the most money-wise way.

Increased opt-ins with no effort

We’re literally doing nothing right now, and people are still opting in to our email list. They’re also staying longer and reading longer.

Felter designed our website in a way that when you get there you want to stay and read more.”

-Kimberly, family blogger and CPA

what if your website did the selling for you?

Because I know you’re ready to see the payoff in your bank account

you're so done with:

  • spending tons of time marketing without seeing the ROI in your bank account

  • feeling embarrassed by your DIY’d, pieced-together website

  • not being taken seriously for your expertise and value

  • justifying your prices on every discovery and cold call

you want:

  • to stand out in a crowded online world

  • to attract and impress your dream clients and book them with ease

  • new clients coming in consistently without having to work after hours every night

  • to finally scale and uplevel your business

Custom Website
built in 8-14 weeks
starting at


Turn your site into a selling machine

Here’s how it’s done with a Custom Website

step 1

Aligned with your business’s goals

Before I design a single page, we’ll chat about your goals for your business.

Do you want more email sign-ups? More sales and clients? To stand out as an expert in your niche?

step 2
Designed to attract

Your website won’t just look amazing – it will use colors, shapes, fonts, and more that will specifically appeal to your ideal person.

No more wasting time with the wrong clients, no more endlessly searching for the right people – just a site that attracts the people you want to work with.

step 3

Created to convert

As part of your Custom Website, you’ll get every word written by a professional copywriter who specializes in high-converting copy.

That means both the web design and the words within it will be created to showcase your value and expertise so visitors keep scrolling and clicking.

step 4
Meet your best performing team member

When we’re finished, you’ll have a website that is your best salesperson – all without extra time and work from you.

Ready to see the results? $$

Hey, I'm Felter

I’m the web designer that non-designers love

You don’t have endless funds or hours to spend marketing.

That’s why your website is such a powerful tool for your business. An effective website can be your best performing salesperson – without having to pay a full-time salary!

The beauty of my Custom Website is that – not only will it attract and convert the traffic you already have – but it will make your presence in the online world known. That’s the gift that keeps on giving 🎁

I’ve spent more than 10 years designing and managing websites – some with as many as 100k annual visitors. So I know what it takes to create a website that gets results.

Are you ready for a website that will revolutionize your business?

Here’s what clients love

“Felter worked to know me and my goals as a professional and expertly incorporated both my brand and the spirit of my company into the website.


Before Felter transformed my website, I hated even looking at it. Now, it’s a pleasure seeing what she created, because the site is both visually appealing, accurate, and allows the world to see the range of what I have to offer.”

Dr. Gus Sison, executive coach and speaker

“I knew Felter had the chops to take on my branding and website, and that she wasn’t just a side hustler.


I love her no-BS way of communicating, but I also know she will listen and be empathic.”

Samantha Marcellino, social media management agency owner

“From our first call, I knew that Felter was good at what she does. She worked to understand my message and what I wanted to convey.


She laid out specifically what she was going to do, and I knew I wasn’t getting a ‘just change this, just change that’ experience.”

Titus Nichols, attorney

You could keep using the website you have
but you’ll keep losing out on new business

I know a website is a significant investment. 

But every single eyeball on your website is critical to grab attention, keep reading long enough to see your value, and then take action.

I design websites specifically to attract and convert your ideal person.

I’ll listen to your needs and goals, all with a straightforward, but empathetic approach – so you get exactly what you need.

A website is supposed to make sales for you.

Keeping a website that’s not converting is like employing a team member who is actively sabotaging sales. 

Your website is the front door to your business
It’s time to impress and convert clients from the second they walk through the door
Are you ready for a website that does the selling for you?

You want a site that sells for you

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