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Here's where we start:

Custom Website

  • Homepage: Yours will convince your ideal person to dig deeper… so they get immediately hooked and interested in what you offer.

  • About page: We’ll use yours to establish your authority and credibility — and to help someone know you’re the perfect fit for them.

  • Services page: Yours will easily explain your packages and convince someone to book or buy (so you can spend less time on sales calls).

  • Results or Portfolio page: If someone’s here, they’re really interested. We’ll use this page to seal the deal, so you can position yourself as the solution they need.

  • Contact page: We’ll make it easy to sign up, book, or connect with you… so the inquiries start pouring in.

Your website will speak directly to your ideal client — you deserve words that sound like you, and not everyone else on the Internet.

Your copy will be scannable to appeal to both the detailed reader and the quick scroller, while matching your brand voice… so you can stand out, build stronger connections, and be the pro your ideal client chooses to work with.

Your menus are like the exit signs in a building: people know exactly what words they’re looking for when they need them.

Your header, footer, and mobile menu will be easily navigable, so a browser can find exactly what they’re looking for and take action.

Your website is integral to your business operations, so you should feel very comfortable maintaining it yourself.

Once your website goes live, you will receive thorough training materials to understand the inner workings of your website, and I’ll be available for 3 months afterward for inquiries and minor updates.

Need additional pages or features later on? I have an exclusive done-for-you service for clients with a live Custom Website.

Website Hosting + Domain Registration

If you do not already have a WordPress website, an additional cost you’ll pay on your own will be website hosting (around $200 per year). This will replace what you’re currently paying for Squarespace, Showit, Wix, etc.

If you do not have a website at all, you’ll pay for domain registration on your own to reserve your website’s URL (around $30 per year).

I will guide you through these steps during the Pre-Build Phase.

And here's what else we can do:

custom page

$500 per page

Business owners often include additional pages to build their authority, spotlight their expertise, and convert their ideal browser into a buyer. 

Common Custom Pages include:

  • In the News, Podcast Features, Media Features
  • Resources or Template Shop
  • Digital Product Page
  • Sales Page for offer, course, or service (additional fee for copy may apply)

service area pages

$200 per page

For those who serve many types of clients with different services, Service Area pages provide a way to showcase these areas, while also increasing discoverability through SEO.

These pages have a similar layout, but different content on each to spotlight your breadth of expertise.

WooCommerce Shop


A WooCommerce Shop can easily be added to your site to  display and sell physical or print-on-demand products, without having to rely on external selling platforms that eat away at your profit margin.

I’ll create custom shop pages, product pages, category pages, checkout pages, and more to keep the revenue rolling in!



A blog is a valuable conversion tool that can lead to more sales, build authority, and gain the trust with your web visitors.

Your blog will include a main page that lists all posts, individual posts within a uniform layout, and custom category page content, if desired.

And of course, it’ll be easy for you and your team to add and edit posts, even without technical expertise or a web design background.



I’ll create podcast pages designed to grow with your show.

This includes a main podcast page plus individual episode pages, complete with show notes, embedded players, guest features, and lead magnets.

The best part? Podcast pages are easy to update, manage, and schedule in advance. And it’s all one-and-done — meaning you can post new episodes in one place, and they will appear in multiple places on your website.

Custom Listings


Perfect for realtors, property managers, or anyone with a large amount of repeatable content!

I’ll create custom listing pages that are easy to manage, easy to update, and easy to showcase throughout your site!

We can include content that displays on each one based on custom selections to ensure your browsers take action!

Pop-Up or Banner


Schedule your pop-ups or banners to update based on whatever sales or promotions you have coming up.

Want these to be site-wide, or specific to different pages? No problem. We’ll set this up so you have one less thing to do on the back-end of your business.

link in bio page


Take a task off your plate during future sales and promotions.

I’ll create a Link in Bio page where you’ll be able to schedule changes in advance so your buttons automatically update for you… so you can focus on the higher-impact parts of your job.

Foundational SEO

$200 per page

Foundational SEO helps your ideal client to find you in a crowded online space, so you can increase organic traffic and make sales while you live your life.

Some examples of SEO services include the use of targeted keywords in optimized locations, title tags, meta descriptions on each page, and more.

Something Else Custom

Have something else in mind? Let’s chat and I’ll help make it happen.

I’ll create whatever you need to meet the goals of your business.

Are you ready for a site that sells?
You have big business goals and you’re ready to achieve them.
When you’re ready and excited to invest, let’s get started.

We'll transform your business in only a few months

Any web designer can create a website that looks good and runs smoothly

My expertise is learning your specific business goals and designing a website that achieves them, all with my proven process.

phase 1
4-6 weeks

Before I design a single page, we’ll chat about the goals for your business and I’ll mock up a website that helps you achieve them.

During the Pre-Build phase, you’ll review static design mockups of your website and a wireframe of what content will exist on every page. You’ll also be able to review the website copy as it’s being written.

“From our first call, I knew that Felter was good at what she does. She worked to understand my message and what I wanted to convey.

She laid out specifically what she was going to do, and I knew I wasn’t getting a ‘just change this, just change that’ experience.”

—Titus Nichols, attorney

“Felter brought my website from outdated, boring, and uninformative, to a dynamic call for action. Every page is now a WOW!

Before Felter transformed my website, I hated even looking at it. Now, it’s a pleasure seeing what she created, because the site is both visually appealing, accurate, and allows the world to see the range of what I have to offer.”

—Dr. Gus Sison, executive coach and speaker

phase 2
3-5 weeks

You’ll sit back and relax while I build the website of your revenue dreams.

Your website won’t just look amazing – it will use design and copy that specifically appeal to your ideal person (so you can work less and make more).

phase 3
2-3 weeks

You’ll review your website, and I’ll make any final tweaks before we go live.

When we’re finished, you’ll have a website that is your best-performing salesperson – all without extra time and work from you.

“I knew Felter had the chops to take on my branding and website, and that she wasn’t just a side hustler.

I love her no bullshit way of communicating, but I also knew she would listen and be empathic.

Felter is organized, so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry that we’d get good stuff out of the project.”

—Samantha Marcellino, social media management agency owner

“Before working with Felter, WordPress seemed really daunting.

The custom training, specific to our website, was super helpful! It showed us exactly what we needed to do every time to update our site.

The backend of our site is now so clean and user-friendly. It removed daunting plug-in’s and constantly having to try new things.”

—Kimberly Tara, family blogger and CPA firm owner

phase 4
Training & Support
3 months after go-live

After your new site goes live, I’ll deliver your white-glove training and be available for support and minor updates.

Your training videos will explain the inner workings of your website and how to update it. And if you have questions, I’m available for 3 months afterward so you feel confident managing your site yourself.

Start with a custom branding

regularly $1600

get yours for only $1200

Save $400 on the premium foundation your brand needs when you book Custom Branding along with a Custom Website.

  • Custom branding to attract your ideal person and easily communicate your business’s unique personality

  • Custom-designed assets to create trust with a cohesive presence on every channel and platform

  • Brand on-boarding so you can consistently create on-brand assets that drive action - without having to hire a full-time designer!

Get the results you've always wanted

More sign-ups

Get consistent readership, increased speaking opportunities, and more email opt-ins than ever before… without doing anything extra.

More bookings

Easily find aligned clients, wow them with your work, and get them started on a best-fit project.

More credibility

Get a presence as high-end as your business, so you impress your dream clients as soon as they find you.

Better aligned clients

Stand out and differentiate yourself – so your perfect clients come running to you.

Better offers and scaling

Showcases all of your offerings from done-for-you to low-ticket – so your audience can easily find the solution they need.

Better accessibility

Showcases all of your offerings from done-for-you to low-ticket – so your audience can easily find the solution they need.

It’s time to transform your business from the inside out
Get the results you’ve been dreaming of with a website that sells for you
It doesn’t get much better than that