Ditch the new branding announcement: Do this instead

Last week, I got a question from a client that I want to discuss with you: She asked, “Do I need to make a new branding announcement to my audience?”

It might sound surprising, but my answer is… not really. Why? Because your audience cares more about changes in your business that affect them than they do about new branding or a new website.

Typically, when clients refresh their branding or get a new website, they’re making bigger shifts in their business… and those are the things your audience cares way more about:

3 things your audience cares more about than your new branding announcement

1. Your new offers

Let’s say you previously only did big projects, and now you offer VIP days. Or maybe you usually sell courses, but now you’re offering done-for-you services.

New offers or new service formats are the things your audience want to hear about, because that impacts them more than your new brand colors.

2. The impact you can make for their business

If you’re re-doing your website, that probably means you’re likely up-leveling from the DIY phase of business ownership. That also means you’ve probably worked with a certain number of clients and seen the same positive results over and over again to be able to up-level.

Instead of talking about your new branding, talk to your audience about the results they can expect to get from working with you. Share your testimonials, social proof, and examples to back up your services. Your updated website will then speak for itself.

3. Your new content is better than a new branding announcement

Maybe now that you have a new website, you also have a new blog, podcast, or resource library to go along with it. Or maybe now you’re offering tons of valuable tips in your weekly email.

Tell your audience how your new content can help them with whatever problem it is that you solve!

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