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Use your new branding to attract your ideal person, and actually seal the deal

save time on design

When you make create your branding with intention, you’ll never waste time questioning every little design choice

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See the power of design as your profits increase… all from branding you create in a day
I know you
  • you’re spinning your wheels marketing your business, but you’re not seeing the payoff

  • you picked your brand colors and fonts on a whim, because you liked them, they were popular, or a Google search told you to

  • you’re tired of your business blending in with other businesses you see online

  • you struggle to find and customize templates that actually get people to sign-up or learn more

  • you’re so sick of your branding looking DIYed, and you want to feel proud of your brand’s presence

You need professional-looking branding that actually gets your ideal person’s attention

And you don’t need to waste any more time scrolling Canva

From chaotic to cohesive

“I was struggling to create social content that was cohesive and represented my client. Felter gave so many resources, templates, tips, and tricks to create brand-worthy content! It was all SUPER helpful!.

Now my client’s social is on-brand, cohesive, strong, and inviting.”

-Helena, social media coordinator

Imagine what life would be like…

  • if you had a quick and easy design process to make on-brand graphics and saved so much time

  • if you could customize any template to your brand into a graphic that sells

  • if you knew how to create tons of versions of your designs, so they were never stale but always on-brand

  • if you attracted your dream person and converted them effortlessly

  • if you saw the payoff of your new branding in your bank account

  • if you loved showing up to work each day because you were working with your ideal people

  • if you never had to worry about getting more business again (because your branding does the selling for you)

That’s what DIY to Deluxe can do for you

“100% worth the price”

“DIY to Deluxe is so good! Felter should charge so much more for this course, because it’s genuinely so valuable!

She tells you step-by-step what to do, but I get to pick my own stuff, which I love! Now, I feel confident in choosing my branding, because I know what to do.”

-Morgan S., health and nutrition coach

branding course
Take your branding from lacking to lucrative
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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“So happy I jumped in and would 100% recommend learning from Felter.

She makes it easy to understand and doable for everyone – even non-designers like me!”

-Stephanie, podcast manager

Hey, I'm Felter

I’m the design educator for non-designers

I taught a highly-sought-after design course to non-design students at a flagship university, and now… I use those skills to help other non-designers (like you!) create the lucrative branding of their dreams.

I pride myself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to my teaching – and I know that anyone can learn to design or create branding that sells.

And yes, that means you too!

the whole thing
for only $97?
Yep, I’m serious. You’ll learn to create your complete brand suite all in an afternoon… for less than the cost of a weekend away.
module 1
Brand Foundation

We’ll begin to solidify your branding so it communicates exactly what you want to the right people

module 2
Fonts, Colors, and Shapes

Let’s choose design elements that align with your brand personality – and make sure your fonts work wherever you need!

module 3
Brand Logos

To get the attention of the right people, we’ll make sure your logo works with your brand and I’ll help you edit it in Canva, if necessary!

module 4
Templates + Designs

I’ll make sure you can customize templates that are always on-brand, but never blend in.

This is perfect for you if…
This is NOT a good fit for you if…

Students love this course:

Ginny, Business Owner
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“I liked the specifics that were given – the meaning of specific shapes and what they communicate; color theory; types of fonts and what they mean, etc. I took LOADS of notes throughout the course and for the cost, this course was a great bargain. Felter is a knowledgeable teacher and I know that my business will benefit from everything I learned.”
Lisette, Business Owner
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“DIY to Deluxe gave me clear instructions on what to consider when choosing fonts and colors, but also the meaning behind the different options and how that would affect how my business is perceived. It was clear and easy to follow and taught in small enough increments that I could do it in chunks that fit into my schedule. Really recommend!”
Helena B., Social Media Coordinator
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"I enjoyed the tangible items that Felter gave. There were so many resources that assist in creating content, but also making sure it's brand-worthy. All of the templates, tips, and tricks were SUPER helpful! Especially all of the amazing tips when working in Canva."
Morgan S., Health and Nutrition Coach
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“DIY to Deluxe is so good. I’m not a visually creative person, but the things Felter shows in Canva literally blow my mind. The course is fantastic. I have learned a lot, and the information is so valuable. Thank you, Felter, for making it! I’m genuinely learning so much and realizing so much I need to be doing differently”


Do I need a design background for this course?

Nope. This course is specifically for people without an “eye for design” who want to up-level their branding. No matter what your background is, you can learn an easy-to-follow process to create a branding suite that sells.

Is my branding REALLY that important?

Yes, yes, and yes! I’ve seen the power of design firsthand. Good branding will not only attract the people you want to sell to, but it will seal the deal without any extra work from you. That means less stress and more $$$

How long does it take to complete the course?

This is a self-paced course that you can complete on your own time – so you can take as long as you need. But if you sat down and did it all at once, you’d be finished and have a full branding suite in an afternoon.

Your branding is either working for you or against you
It’s either making you money or costing you money
It’s really that simple.
Are you ready to level-up to branding that sells?
434 students (and counting!) already have