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Do this to get people to care about your designs

People move through life very quickly, and they are NOT reading every word on the page ?️?️

Even worse news: they definitely don’t care about your stuff as much as you do. So how do you get people’s attention?

It’s all about the headline. Here are three steps to designing a headline that stands out.

1. Make it about them, not you

If your headline is summarizing the information on your graphic, flier, or whatever, and it doesn’t connect with your reader, then you’re missing an opportunity to grab their attention.

Take this, for example ?? Maybe I don’t care about volleyball night, so I’ll stop reading as soon as I see the headline.

But I do care about having fun and getting fit. This headline has me hooked and interested, so I’ll keep reading.

2. Say it in as few words as possible

Let’s stick with the volleyball night example. Technically, having fun, getting fit, making friends, and getting out of the house are all benefits of attending volleyball night… but it’s a bit much to read.

It’s a just big block of text — which we know causes reader intimidation.

We’re gonna go with the second example — concise, to the point, and catchy.

3. Make your headline the largest

Your headline should always be the largest, boldest, and most prominent thing on the page.

It should be the thing the reader’s eye is drawn to immediately.

In the first example, your eye is immediately drawn to “volleyball night,” because the color is lighter than the headline, and the headline isn’t really that big.

Not only does the second example look better, but the headline is enticing — so we’re gonna go with that one ??

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