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5 signs you need a new logo

You’re looking at your logo, and something just feels… off ?

You want a professional looking logo for your business that you’re proud of, but you have no idea where to start. Or maybe your client wants a logo refresh and wants your help, but you don’t know what makes a good logo. 

Here’s the hard truth: if you’re not a national brand, your branding and your name are more important than your logo. You could have an amazingly designed logo, but if your business name gets lost and your branding is poopoo… then none of that matters. And if your branding isn’t aligned with your ideal client, those are sales you’re missing out on ?

Let’s look at some of the red flags that tell you it’s time for a new logo ??

It’s complicated

You have tons of info on your logo: your business name, your address, what you sell, and when the company was established. It seemed like a good idea at the time to include all of that information, but now it’s looking crowded and complicated.

It looks like a knock-off

If your logo too closely resembles someone else’s logo, you’re going to be associated with that other brand — which is not what you want.

For instance, I came across a podcast the other day that used the same colors as old school Facebook (white and navy) and use the same thumbs-up symbol. It was confusing, particularly because the podcast wasn’t about Facebook. 

It’s unclear what you’re selling

If someone can’t look at your logo and know within seconds what you’re selling, that means it’s not clear enough.

This applies especially to acronyms. Unless your brand is a nationally-known university, most people aren’t going to immediately know what your acronym stands for.

It’s not on-brand

Fonts, colors, and shapes matter. Consider what each element is communicating, and only include highly on-brand assets in your logo.

If it isn’t immediately clear that your logo belongs to your brand, then something definitely needs to change.

It only looks good in one place

Picture this: you design a logo in Canva you’re in love with. You can’t wait to show it to your client. It looks amazing on your computer screen and on their website, but when your client goes to print it on a promo item… it doesn’t work ??‍♀️If your logo ONLY looks good in one place, that’s a sign you need a new one.

So do you know you need to redesign your logo, but have no idea where to start? Learn best practices for logos and more in the Create with Confidence design course for virtual assistants, social media managers, and marketing professionals.

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