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Don’t do this with headshots

Did you know this headshot mistake can make your brand look unprofessional? ?

When you’re designing anything with headshots — podcast graphics, email graphics, social media graphics, or whatever — the small details matter. How you present your brand through your designs can either attract your dream clients… or cost you sales.

So it’s important you follow best practices for your designs. Here’s my best tip for designing with headshots:

Whenever you’re working with images of people, face them INWARD toward the center of the design, instead of away from the center.

✅So you’ll want it to look like this…

❌Instead of this

Sometimes, this might mean you have to flip your design to work with the images you’ve been given.

Or, in rare cases, you’ll have to flip to image to work with the design. Only do this if you have a lot of the same design and only one is going to look different from the rest.

But first, ask for a new picture of the person facing a different way, if you can.

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