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First impressions are critical, especially for a content creator website!

People don’t get the chance to meet you face-to-face first, so that means your online presence – your website, or Instagram, your blog, etc – have to speak for you. They have to communicate who you are, who you serve, and what you do… and they have to instantly impress someone just scrolling by your content.

Why? Because no one’s going to take a deep dive into your services if their first impression of your business is unmemorable or untrustworthy.

Here are 3 ways you’re killing your first impression online

1. Your content creator website should be more than a portfolio

An endless dump of pictures or prior work does nothing to convince a website visitor that you are the perfect content creator for them.

Your website should take ideal clients on a journey that gets them to book with you. Each page, from the Homepage to the About page, should be created with a specific purpose in mind.

2. Don’t choose branding because it’s pretty

Don’t get me wrong – you want your branding to look nice. But good branding does more than just look pretty. It attracts your ideal client and communicates who you are – without you having to say a word.

Instead, choose branding that aligns with your brand personality. If your brand is high-end, professional, and modern, you should choose fonts, colors, and templates that also convey that.

3. Don’t miss your differentiator as a content creator

Clients hire you for you – for the expertise, experience, and end result you provide. Otherwise, they’d just get a friend to do it for free or hire the cheapest person possible.

Use your online presence to showcase what makes you different. Whether that’s your personality, your expertise, or your approach, make this clear to someone who’s just taking a quick glance over your website and social media.

Avoid these mistakes with your online presence

Listen to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 11 to find out why letting people vote on your branding can keep you from attracting ideal buyers, strategies to showcase your personality and expertise online, and the purpose of each page on your website so it converts more browsers to buyers.

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