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Why your link in bio page isn’t working

We’ve got to talk about why your link in bio isn’t working ?

Your link in bio page is the front door to your website for anyone coming in from Instagram… and you’d never let your guests come into a mess, would you? ??

But that’s exactly what you’re doing if every button on your link in bio page looks the same (check out the example on the right). If that’s the case, it’s not entirely clear what someone should do when they get there. Because everything looks the same, the design communicates that they’re all equally important.

To uplevel your link in bio page and start converting browsers to buyers, do these 3 things:

1. Use one prominent call to action

The keyword here is one. That means a single call to action that’s most important. If you’re asking someone to listen to your podcast, sign up for your email list, AND book a discovery call, it’s all just competing for their attention.

Instead, pick one call to action to highlight at the top of the page (shameless plug: my custom website clients can actually schedule their link in bio pages to change automatically when they’re having flash sales and promotions… handy, right? ?).

2. Use color to categorize

After my main call to action, I like to list my service offerings that I regularly talk about in stories. Then, I list a few key pages for my website.

Notice in the example above how they’re colored the same as each other, so someone can skim and visually group them together without having to read every single word.

3. Include a link to your website

Sometimes, someone is going to your link in bio just to find your website! Make it simple for them to go to your homepage and contact page by listing them at the bottom.

You can use design to make it a less prominent call to action than the other things you want them to do more. Use regular text for the homepage and contact page, and use buttons for the more important calls to action.

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