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Here’s why your website conversion rate is low

Your website conversion rate has been down for a while, and you have no idea why.

You’re getting traffic, but no new leads or sales. You’re doing everything you can, and you’re at your wit’s end. What gives?

In my experience as a web designer of 12 years, here are the biggest mistakes I see that keep people from increasing their website conversion rate:

1. Your website is hard to navigate

Maybe you DIY’d your business website. Maybe you used a website template or just threw it together on Wix or Squarespace. That will work for a while, but eventually when you’re ready for your business to grow, a website that isn’t easy to navigate will hold you back.

Your website could be missing some best practices (for example, your logo on the header and footer should always link back to the home page). It could be running slowly, or the navigation might just be confusing. This is all frustrating for a visitor, and will cause them to leave your site quickly.

2. There’s no hierarchy

Using hierarchy on your website means you’ll keep someone engaged so they continue to click. You should write a large, attention-grabbing headline focused on your ideal person, followed by headings and subheadings with small chunks of text to keep someone locked into what you have to say.

If you look at your website and see you’re only using large chunks of text, I can almost guarantee someone won’t even try to read it (so they definitely won’t stick around to buy whatever you’re selling).

3. There are multiple calls to action

Do you have one clear call to action that uses a button? Or do you have multiple options for the reader to choose, such as “email us,” “book a call,” and “learn more”?

If you list many calls to action, your website visitor doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do next. Instead of taking one of those actions, they’re likely to exit out.

?Pro tip: never ever link “click here” on your website, and especially not for a main call to action. Always use a large, attention-grabbing button. That’s especially vital while on mobile, where people might have more trouble clicking small linked text.

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