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How I manage my anxiety as a business owner

Business ownership can be difficult – and anxiety as a business owner is unfortunately pretty common.

The business owner life can be really lonely and isolating. Comparing yourself to other business owners can be inevitable, because you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing, which only adds to the stress.

If you’ve ever dealt with anxiety as a business owner, then I get it because I’ve been there too. Here’s how I personally have dealt with my anxiety as a business owner.

3 ways I manage anxiety as a business owner

1. I ask myself “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Shortly after the pandemic, I realized that I struggled with anxiety. When life picked back up again, I started having worrisome thoughts, like what if I get mugged walking to my car? Or, what if I choke on food while I’m home alone? I call it the worry spiral, and it hits the hardest when I’m trying to sleep at night.

When I’m going down the worry spiral, I ask myself “What’s the worst that could happen?” Specifically for business, if I’m worried that no one is going to book with me, the worst that can happen is that no one books and I’ll promote another offer instead. Will anyone other than me know about that? Probably not. Reframing my worries into the absolute worst case scenario helps me see that even if my worst fears come true, I’ll be okay.

2. I ask myself “What can I control?”

The second question I’ll ask myself when the worry spiral hits is “What can I control about this situation?” Let’s say I’m worried no one will book my services. I can control my effort, the content I put out, and the number of emails I send. So if no one books, I can look back at the things I was in control of – not to feel bad about myself, but to see what I could do differently for next time.

Looking at the things I can control – and the things I can’t – helps to adjust my perspective so I can improve what’s in my control, and let go of what’s not.

3. I go to therapy

Therapy isn’t just for divorce, death, and depression (although it’s great for those things too). Therapy is beneficial for anyone, and I went long before I became a business owner.

Nonetheless, therapy has been huge in managing my anxiety in my business, and I’ve learned so many other lessons that have benefitted me otherwise as a business owner.

Want to hear how therapy made me a better business owner?

Listen to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 2 to hear how therapy has benefited me in business. You’ll hear lessons and strategies I pull from therapy that help me in my business, tactics that motivate me to get more work done, and how I deal with setbacks, disappointments, and perfectionism in business.

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