How to attract your ideal client once you identify them

Do you want to know how to attract your ideal client with better-aligned branding, once you identify who they are?

Let me tell you about my client who shifted her business and who she targeted to align more with her life.

How my client Kimberly attracted her ideal clients

Business beginnings for Kimberly

Kimberly started her accounting business in 2016. And initially, she just wanted to appeal to anyone and everyone. Who can relate?

She also didn’t think of her brand presence or identity in terms of long-term strategy — she just wanted to feel like a legitimate business, so she threw together a logo and a website.

This is what a lot of my clients do when they start their businesses, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s hard to know every single thing you should do right, especially in the beginning!

Fast forward 6 years and 4 kids later

Life changed drastically for Kimberly, and she needed her business to give her flexibility to spend time with her family. And she wanted to help other women do the same.

Instead of working with anyone and everyone, she wanted to focus on tax strategy for CEO mom service providers. This way, she can take one of the most complex, scary, and overwhelming burdens off their plate, so they can save money and spend more time with their kids.

Her old branding didn’t attract ideal clients

And through this process, she realized her current branding didn’t reflect who she was or who she wanted to speak to. Kimberly felt like her old branding was stuffy, boring, and overly professional. Functionally, it was hard to work with and some of the design elements were illegible at times

How to attract your ideal client with better-aligned branding

She wanted her new branding to be trustworthy, polished, approachable, and also showcase her expertise.

“It was important for our assets to be more attractive and mimic visually what we do and the service we provide for clients. ​We want our clients to trust us because we care and we’re professional. Now, we have branding and assets that showcase that.” -Kimberly Tara, owner of The Tara CPA Firm

…and that’s what we now convey with her new branding.

Here’s the thing about business and branding

Once you’ve pinpointed exactly who you want to work with, it’s super important that your branding speaks to them and accurately represents who you are. So identifying your ideal client and refreshing your branding often go hand in hand

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