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How to be a good podcast guest

Have you ever said this: “If I could just get in front of more people, I’d book more clients.” If you’re wondering how to be a good podcast guest, you have to be on the right podcasts and share about yourself strategically to book more clients.

As someone who has guested on 30+ podcasts, I’ve learned a few lessons about how to pitch.

3 tips on how to be a good podcast guest

1. Join a podcast collab group

Find a community of podcasters who are looking for guests (Spoiler alert: I share my favorite free Facebook group in Episode 12).

This will save you time by directly connecting you with podcasters looking for guests. I’ve had a lot of success scrolling these groups a few times a week and applying for best-fit podcasts.

2. Save time with a pitching document

Often when you apply to be on a podcast, you have to fill out a form with a ton of information. I keep a Google Doc with answers to the most commonly asked questions: my one sentence bio or my long bio, my main talking points, potential titles for an episode, and so on.

This way, I can copy and paste my responses and don’t have to spend time thinking every time I apply for a new podcast.

3. Mention a connection

If you have a connection with the podcast, mention it! Maybe you were recently a guest on a podcast that the host also guested on, or maybe you’re in a mastermind with someone who recently guested on the podcast you’re pitching to.

Mentioning a direct connection helps you stand out and seem more like a real-life human 😜

Want more tips on being a podcast guest?

Listen to Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 12 – Everything I learned guesting on 30+ podcasts: How to be a great podcast guest and host. Listen to find out how I booked 20+ interviews last year, how to prep for podcast interviews (as a guest and host), so you both get the most out of it, and why you need a strategic call to action at the end of your interviews to convert listeners into leads.

Want to grow your biz and still have a life?

Tune in to Skilled and Fulfilled for real insights from real service providers who realistically want to make an income from their business… and not run ragged in the process!

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