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How to book a client right now

Do you need to book a client right now? Like, yesterday?

We’ve all been there. If you’re a service provider who’s doing all the “right” things, but is still struggling to book clients, here’s the advice Emily Conley shared in Episode 3 of Skilled and Fulfilled.

How to book a client right now

1. Figure out what your audience needs

Talk to the audience you have in front of you and figure out what they actually need or want. Note that this doesn’t mean envisioning what a potential audience you might have down the line will want. This is the audience you have right now.

Talk to them one-on-one or put up a poll and ask “What do you need most in your business right now?” Their answers will be telling in what you should offer next.

If you want more help on how to do this and what questions to ask, I have a whole lesson on how to conduct market research in Well-Oiled Offer Suite, a course that teaches you to build offers clients can’t resist.

2. Go all in

Based on the information your audience gives you, go all in on that one service. Talk about it exhaustively every day on your social media. Put together an email sequence of 3-5 emails and send it over the course of a week talking about the service.

Even if you only have a handful of people in your audience, send them your pitch and see what happens.

3. Hype the benefits

Don’t just talk about the features of your offer (this is a mistake I made early on). Get really clear on the benefits and the transformation that comes from your offer and hype that up in your messaging.

All the little details of how you deliver your service and the features feel really important to you as the business owner, but they’re not as important to the client. Go deep into selling the transformation instead.

Want to learn how to sell without being salesy?

This advice came from Emily Conley in Skilled and Fulfilled: Episode 3. Tune in to get more confident and comfortable in selling yourself, the must-have channels, strategies, and tactics to sell your services so you get consistent, long-term business, and what to do when you’re doing everything “right,” but you’re still not booking clients.

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