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How to showcase Pinterest management packages on your website

If you’re a Pinterest Manager, you want to showcase your Pinterest management packages in a way that gets potential clients to actually book them.

No one wants to continuously spin their wheels marketing and networking – without actually booking clients.

The Services page of your website is a crucial touchpoint for potential clients, playing a pivotal role in their decision-making process. This post will help you create a Services page that gets visitors to actually book your services.

What to include on your website for Pinterest management packages

1. Showcase problems and benefits

Visitors on your services page are already interested in what you offer, but don’t assume that they fully understand their need for your services. Clearly articulate the problems they face and how your services provide the ideal solution. This shows you understand their pain points and are well-equipped to solve them.

Example: Are you sick of creating content and not getting results? I can help!

2. Differentiate yourself

Share your unique approach or philosophy. This could be a unique method, a bold statement, or a special touch that sets you apart from others.

Example: Why I only work with small business owners

3. List Pricing of Pinterest Management Packages

Clearly list your services with consistent naming conventions across your website. Provide pricing information to set clear expectations. If exact pricing isn’t possible, offer a range or starting price.

Example: “starting at $3,000” or “most clients invest $4000 – $6000”

4. Showcase benefits with features

Instead of listing only detailed features for your services, focus on the benefits and transformations your services bring.

❌ Don’t only list features for a service

  • 3 design concepts to start
  • 5 pages with custom design, copy, and SEO
  • 1+ hour of training videos

✅ List benefits with features

  • Custom-created WordPress website so you can attract and impress ideal clients without having to beg, hard-sell, or convince them your business is worth it
  • Scroll-stopping strategy including professionally-written copy, SEO, and content design, to guide potential clients on a journey through your site to know your business is exactly what they need
  • Website onboarding – because it’s your site, and you’ll be trained to update and maintain it so you can continue to meet your goals long after your website launches

5. End with a convincing reason to book your Pinterest management packages

If visitors have gone through your page and are still undecided, give them a strong reason to book a call or reach out.

Encourage immediate action by offering a limited-time offer, a free consultation, or showcasing a compelling testimonial.

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