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How to choose an interior designer website template

Choosing the best interior designer website template for your business involves more than just selecting a pretty template and filling in the blanks.

To truly engage and convert visitors into clients, your website needs to be thoughtfully designed with a clear purpose in mind.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a website template and how to ensure your site is set up for success.

Top interior designer website template mistakes to avoid

1. Understand the Purpose of Your Content

A common mistake is using templates without understanding the purpose behind each element. Every page on your website and every section on each page should serve a specific function—whether it’s encouraging visitors to explore further, enticing them to learn more, or convincing them to book your services.

For instance, your About page should be more than just a list of qualifications. Its purpose is to close the sale by showcasing how your expertise solves your ideal client’s problems, not to present a résumé of every detail of your career. Focus on demonstrating value to your clients, not overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

2. Align your Template with Your Branding

Simply changing the colors of a template to match your brand is not enough. The overall style of the template must align with your brand’s aesthetics. If your Instagram graphics feature organic shapes and brush strokes, but your website template uses clean lines and square edges, the inconsistency will be jarring to potential clients.

A misaligned template can create distrust and even repel your dream clients. Ensure that the design elements of your website—such as fonts, shapes, and images—are consistent with your brand’s visual identity to build trust and attract the right audience.

3. Optimize Your Copy for Conversion

One significant missed opportunity in DIY websites is the failure to use persuasive copy. Following a template too rigidly can result in straightforward but uninspiring headlines. The purpose of a heading is to grab attention and encourage visitors to read further.

I recently worked with a photographer who had followed her website template exactly. While her site looked professional, her headlines were bland and failed to capture interest, leading to missed sales opportunities. Make sure your web copy is crafted to engage and convert. It should speak directly to your audience’s needs and compel them to take action.

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