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How to fix a crappy design on a tight deadline

So you know your design looks like poo poo, but it’s due tomorrow and you’re out of ideas ??

You’re tired of Googling “how to design better” only to have to sift through tons of only slightly helpful pages, and just need help fast.

Cut through the crap and stick to these 3 rules to fix your design right away.

1. Stick to what you know

This isn’t the time to learn something new. You don’t have time to look into new techniques or new programs — and you don’t have to in order to design well.

Whether it’s Word, Google Slides, Powerpoint, or Microsoft Paint (yes, really), use the tool you’re most comfortable with. Believe it or not, you can design a good looking design in any of these.

2. Keep it simple, silly

A common misconception is that the more you add to you designs — the more fonts, colors, and images — the more creative and fun it will look.

The opposite is actually true: these designs often end up looking messy and confusing. A clean and simple design can still look good. Don’t try to incorporate a whole mess of effects and shapes if it’s looking like a whole mess (and if it’s looking like that, try these tips next).

3. Look back at something you like

Look back at either your design or someone else’s. Pick two things you really like about it and emulate that in your current project.

That might be the fonts, the colors, or the alignment, for example. Whatever it is, improving those two things should immediately improve your design.

?Pro tip: take a deep breath and do what you gotta do. It can always get better next time

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