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How to fix a design that looks like a hot mess

Do you ever use multiple fonts within a design because you think it will look creative… only for it to end up looking like a hot mess? ??‍♀️??

You’re trying to think outside the box and grab people’s attention, but the more different font pairings you try, the more disorganized it looks — like this.

This is not only confusing to the brain, but also means someone is less likely to scan it.

You’re probably using too many fonts — and believe it or not, you can use one font effectively to make a legible, easy-to-scan design.

Read on for a quick 3 ways.

1. Pick 1 very versatile font

Pick a font that gives you a lot of versatility. It shouldn’t be too detailed (sans serif is a good idea) and should have many options for bold and italic.

Avenir is a good choice; you can see it gives you 5 different variations within this one font.

?Pro tip: make sure your versatile font still matches your brand

2. Make your heading the biggest and boldest

You get one thing that gets to be the most attention-grabbing on your page, and that’s your heading; make it the biggest and boldest.

In addition to making your heading the biggest and boldest on the page, you can also consider making it in all caps or adding tracking to get people’s attention.

3. Establish a visual hierarchy with boldness and size

Now that you’ve decided what’s most important (your heading), decide what’s next-most important. It should be the second largest and boldest on the page.

Check out this example. Your eye is immediately drawn to the heading — “Best Practices for Event Planners” — and then it’s drawn to the second thing I want you to read — the date, time, and location. That’s because it’s still bold and large, but not quite as much as the heading. Your details are then the smallest, so you read that last.

?Pro tip: details (or body copy) are typically 10-13 size font for a printed piece

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