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How to get photography clients to love you right way

Do you want to know how to get photography clients and make them fall in love with you the second they land on your website?

When a potential clients sees your homepage for the first time, it’s like a first date. You only have one chance to make a good impression.

So here’s how to do it:

Get photography clients to fall in love with you right away

1. Be your true self

Before you make any design, template, or copy decisions on your homepage, you need to know your brand’s personality.

Is it traditional or trendy? Strong and serious? Or soft and inviting?

Once you know that, then you can align your fonts, colors, and copy to specifically attract your ideal client. And they’ll swipe right on that homepage, for sure!

2. Don’t talk about yourself the whole time

Nobody likes to go on a first date only to hear the other person talk endlessly about how many countries they’ve been to (IYKYK). If you’re using headlines like “About Me,” “My Services,” or “My Blog” on your homepage, that’s the equivalent

Instead, use headlines that highlight the result or transformation you provide your clients.

Pssst: Want some specific examples? That’s exactly what we’re sharing in our free masterclass!

3. Don’t pop the question on the first date

Only having the option to “book a call” throughout your homepage is like proposing to someone on a first date. They don’t know you yet, so they’re not ready to lock it down.

Instead of pushing people to only book or buy on your homepage, let them freely explore other pages – your blog, resources, services, etc – where they can get value and get to know you better first. Then they’ll be more likely to inquire and book.

Make photography clients go gaga with a great homepage

Your homepage should attract your ideal clients and get them to fall in love with you – without being ghosted, getting left on read, or wasting time texting!

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5 things your homepage needs to book more clients

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