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How to grow a service based business

Not everyone makes decisions like you do. There are 5 types of decision makers, and they all approach purchasing decisions differently. If you want to know how to grow a service based business, you need to know how different business owners make decisions.

How to grow a service based business by utilizing different decision-making styles

1. Appeal to charismatic decision makers

They are easily excited by new things, likely to buy quickly, and pretty easy to convince.

They want to see results and transformations you’ve gotten other clients like them.

2. Appeal to the thinker

They read extensively and need a lot of information to make a decision. They’re one of the toughest to persuade.

They want to consume as much information as possible like an entire sales page, every email you send, FAQs, and video testimonials.

3. Appeal to the follower

They only trust their own past decisions or recommendations from trusted sources.

They want to see testimonials that address their specific concerns or desired outcomes.

4. Appeal to the skeptic

They are highly suspicious of every single thing they see until they can establish trust. They are the most difficult to sell to.

They need a highly valuable free offer before being able to make a purchase. They might not even purchase without a money-back guarantee (which I address in Episode 10)

5. Appeal to the controller for how to grow a service based business

I’m not a huge fan of the name, because I happen to be this type. Controllers thrive on facts, logic, and analytics. We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and objective.

We want to know that our investment will yield a positive ROI and we like to see hard math – without inflated values or deceptive discounts.

How to sell your services to the 5 different types of decision makers

Listen to Episode 10 of Skilled and Fulfilled to find out. You’ll learn how each decision maker utilizes a sales page, the email and social consumption habits of each type, and my advice to appeal to all types of decision makers.

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